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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sunset on yet another beautiful day

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As the sunsets on another beautiful day, we count our blessings for the good weather this year. Initial forecasts had predicted showers and storms for us on Fri and Sat but we kept our fingers crossed and trusted that our determination and enthusiasm would touch the heavens.

We have wrapped up all our Outdoor Activities for the day and the boys will be having their dinner soon.

For Kayaking, apart from some boys capsizing (sometimes, I suspect they do it on purpose also just to get their friends wet) and having to climb back on their kayaks, the only other issues we faced were a number of boys who got sea-sick.
All have rested and are now eating their dinner.

No accidents or incidents during the Confidence Rope Course, Rock Climbing or Zipline.

We have 2-3 students that have complained of headache, stomachache, labour pains, etc.... these have been diagnosed as symptoms of home-sickness and now with a strong injection of the Victorian Spirit they are now too busy chatting with their friends to be interviewed by me. :)

Stayed tuned for more updates after dinner and our grand finale, the campfire!

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