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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Breaking Camp and Area Cleaning ...

Hi Parents, the time is now 10.28am and the boys are in the process of breaking camp.
One of the basic tenents of camping is that we leave the campsite cleaner than when we first arrive.

So armed with mops, brooms, trash bags, we begin our massive area cleaning
Although some of the boys, look quite lost initially...
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...soon, everyone is able to pitch in and get down to helping each other.
From picking up trash....
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04012009174 - Share on Ovi everybody's favourite task- CLEANING TOILET. Yup, I bet you, you never saw your son so happy doing house work at home, right?
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"Scrub ar, scrub-- must make sure the toilet bowl shine until can see your face inside ah!" (sounds familiar to all the fathers who went through NS, right?)
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The boys also had to clean up their sleeping areas:
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They sweep the area underneath their bunks:
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As well as mop the inside of their bunks:
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04012009169 - Share on Ovi well as the camp fire area- scrubbing it to remove any ash, and stains from the campfire last night.
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We want to train our boys not to take the things that they have for granted.
Many of them never realise that it is 24hour, round the clock job being a parent- especially for those mothers who are home-makers and have been picking up after the sons all this time.

By getting them to clean up after their activity, we hope to train them to be independent and more self-reliant; we also hope they will appreciate the care and love given to them by their parents over the years.

So Mum and Dad, take a break! Youryoung Victorian is now not only trained to Rock Climb, Kayak and do outdoor sports; he's also trained by us to be able to handle mop, broom and dustpan!

So from now on, they got no excuse to 'siam' house-hold chores- especially since Chinese New Year round the corner. If any of them refuse to help out at home, the PE Dept and Form Teachers will kindly assist the parents in conducting Remedial Tuition 101 for House Cleaning.

Just send them to me.

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