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Saturday, January 3, 2009

EDGE Sec 1 Orientation CampFire 'Live' Feed

Coming to you 'Live' at 2000hrs

Guest of Honour: Vice-Principal (Acad) Mr Anith Kumar

(Click on the 'Qik' icon in the lower left of the frame to see earlier clips from the campfire)


Mr Randell Siow said...

sunshine: hello(: i went there for camp too(: noisy aeroplanes, your poor boys cant sleep. cos it flies past every few minutes. D
3 Jan 09, 21:09
lawun bro: lol hi all
3 Jan 09, 21:04
Parent (1H): Well done 1H boys, and glad to know you boys are having a fun time. Keep up the sprite
3 Jan 09, 20:49
Clemon (1B)'s sister :): nice performance by 1B!! (the anti bullying) skit. well done Clemon!!! hope to see more pics/videos of you, shortstuff. seeya!
3 Jan 09, 20:47
a person: bored
3 Jan 09, 20:46
Parents of Matthew Wee 1C: Mr Siow, good job on the live footage! We're so grateful that you're doing this for us. At least we get to see what you all are doing! Thanks so much!
3 Jan 09, 20:43
Mr Siow: Dear parents, if the video is not smooth- it could be due to the speed of your home internet connection. As with any Internet streaming content, you sacrifice quality for immediacy.
3 Jan 09, 20:37
Mr Siow: I'm uploading different segments of the campfire so that I don't overload the bandwidth. What you can do is let the clip buffer for awhile and then play
3 Jan 09, 20:37
Parents of Matthew Wee 1C: Well done 1C! You guys did a great job in your performance!
3 Jan 09, 20:37
a person: i am looking for L W
3 Jan 09, 20:36
a person: LW
3 Jan 09, 20:36
Mr Siow: Dear parents, this is 'streaming' video via 3G network- there will be some stuttering depending on your broadband speed and the speed of your internet connection.
3 Jan 09, 20:36
a person: darling where are u now? from 1F i caould not find ur face !!!!:D
3 Jan 09, 20:35
Robert: Daryl (1E), still did not see your face in the posting. But I believe you are enjoying yourself. See you tomorrow. Dad
3 Jan 09, 20:25
Parent: Why it is not a smooth video ?? It keeps showing that it is loading?
3 Jan 09, 20:24
Parents (1B): Click on 'qik' (at the left corner) of the video window to view the other videos
3 Jan 09, 20:24
Parent: Why the video stop??
3 Jan 09, 20:19
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3 Jan 09, 20:18
LOL: 1F camping yeah...
3 Jan 09, 20:17
a person: y did the live footage stopped at 1 part?
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KELVIN said...

Kelvin Tan 1F' Shawn Dad: Good Job Organizer! Keep it up for the live broadcasting! Interesting but quality is not that good. Has room for improvement but great job!