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Friday, January 2, 2009

Going up and coming down!

It's not everyday that you take a leap of faith, putting your safety in the hands of strangers you've barely met.

In Victoria School, we believe that all of us are part of one big Victorian family- Parents, teachers and students. We are all there for each other

When you first come in, your seniors play big brother to you to welcome you to the family
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When you are unsure, they will make sure they guide you and look out for you:
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Soon you realise that even your new found friends in Sec 1 will quickly gather round to give you support and encouragement. You find out that regardless of race, language or religion, you are all Victorians:
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Our mission and vision is to empower you to stand on your own two feet to be strong, independent, and resilent

Whether life takes you up......

or whether life takes you down......

As a Victorian, regardless of whether fortune leads you up or down, you know that deep in your heart, you are and always will be.... ... SOMETHING MORE.

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