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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Gooooodddd Morning, Victorians!

It's Sunday morning exercise with Miss Sheikha!

Let's begin with some jogging to get us all warmed-up!

Now that we are nice and warmed-up, lets stretch those achy-breaky bones

Then we reinforce our Mission and Vision of turning you all into Gentlemen, Professionals and Sportsman (as well as inducting you all into the Miss Sheikha fan club... hee hee)

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Mr Randell Siow said...

4 Jan 09, 09:39
Aida: I'm mum of Danial Aqil Class 1B. Cheers to all staffs, teachers, senior boys n sec ones. A sudden pride in me tt my son is part of this GREAT sch.
4 Jan 09, 09:36
Kelvin, Dad of Shawn S1F: Thanks Mr. Siow for your great job. I really loves the update of the photos and video (especially the live video), although the quality is not that good. Wish that I was there to contribute or help!
4 Jan 09, 09:27
Parent 1I: Thans Mr Siow. Overall, you hv done excellent work. We, parents of Sec 1, can understand that it is alot of hardwork to organise such a camp for about 360 students. Once again, thank you very much.
4 Jan 09, 09:21
PaMaMei: Thank you Mr Siow and all teachers that have made this camp a success. We salute you.
4 Jan 09, 09:20
PaMaMei: Good Morning VS and Jun Hong (1C). I believe this is a transforming experience for you guys. Welcome home and see you later.
4 Jan 09, 09:09
Kelvin, Dad of Shawn S1F: I like to thanks all teachers, instructors, senior boys and organizer for making this camp a great success! Bravo!
4 Jan 09, 09:00
sk: Thanks, thanks, thanks, many thanks to all teachers, instructors, senior boys and supporters that make this camp so wonderfull and leaves good memories to all boys.
4 Jan 09, 08:55
sk: Thank you Mr Siow for keeping us updated. Long hours taking video is not easy. Yours hands must be very tired, Do take care. Thanks, thanks,thanks, ..............................
4 Jan 09, 08:46
mum sk: HI, Xian Jun of 1G, fun, happy and great camp coming to the end. I had starwberry cake and soy duck waiting for you. Welcome u home
4 Jan 09, 08:21
EK: The boys have experienced it and taken the first steps to becoming full fledge Victorians. We will support them thru the process so that they can emerge with an EDGE in life!
4 Jan 09, 08:18
EK: The boys have experienced it and
4 Jan 09, 08:18
EK: The obtacles and things done by the boys are great confidence boosters.I'm sure that It has given them a sense of acheivement to do more.
4 Jan 09, 08:15
EK: The obstacles and things done by the boys are great confidence boosters . It will give them a sense of acheivement to do even more.
4 Jan 09, 08:09
Tan: Thank you! And thank you to all teachers, instructors and senior boys!
4 Jan 09, 08:08
Tan: I believe this camp leaves good memories, n that he'd like to have at least a pic of himself n his class.
4 Jan 09, 08:08
Tan: Hey Mr Siow! I'm so glad to know that u hv more pix to put up in sch's gallery. Hopefully I can find one of my son to save. I think it would be gd to keep at least one for memories.
4 Jan 09, 07:45
happy parents: Thank you ALL for the FANASTIC JOB....Words cannot describe enough...As parent, I will ensure my son get the fullest support & condition to get the results desired.
4 Jan 09, 07:26
JO: Thank u Mr Siow, teachers, seniors and also the instructors to make this camp successful. I m assure that 2morow back school, the new victorians will b a different person. ONCE AGAIN GOOD JOB!
4 Jan 09, 02:14
Mr Siow: Victoria School begins with the letter 'V'-towards the end of the 26 alphabets; I am sure the education we offer is no less than any of the other schools any further up the alphabet chain, right?
4 Jan 09, 02:13
Mr Siow: I am sure his is no less engaging, no less exciting, no less meaningful.