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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Camp Photos for Download

Dear Parents,
this will be the last post for this blog.
I have uploaded ALL photos taken by me and the boys to into a channel on Nokia's Share.Ovi portal.
You can access it by clicking here

We thank you for all your kind words of encouragement and support for this blog.
For more updates on day to day life in Victoria School.
Check out my on-going blog at here.

Nil Sine Labore - "Nothing Without Labour"

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Mr Randell Siow said...

Parent of 2I: Parent of 1I : My son enjoy evry bit of his 1I last yr! The little man of 1I (2008) were confident n smart! FYI, I means intelligent! Pls dun pass ur inferior bug 2 ur son n affect the whole class!
6 Jan 09, 20:51
Hazz: To my dearest 1D class, please continue to bond and get to know each other better as i've seen that u do have a slight hint of 'class spirit'..
6 Jan 09, 20:17
Ng Pei Xiang (1C): oh my goodness! miss sheikha is so pretty! =)
6 Jan 09, 19:57
lloyd :): thanks jason and darren for helping 1A! we appreciated ur help, so thanks much
6 Jan 09, 17:53
Sec 1 Student: Tinyat my class got black belt I ask him come look for you then you know....
6 Jan 09, 17:41
Sec 1 Student: Shut up tinyat not scared people beat you up is it?
6 Jan 09, 10:54
Mr Siow: Those students who need more info for CCA, pls approach any of the PE teachers directly. We'll be more than willing to help you.
5 Jan 09, 20:08
tby: It's Ok.That's what the trials are for! And that's what we seniors are for,you guide you along the way so you can in turn guide your juniors in the years to come.Cheers.
5 Jan 09, 17:31
victoria school sec 1 stu: i am confused.. I do not even know what does each CCA do..
5 Jan 09, 14:03
Mr Siow: [Mrs Lim] Most of the boys in 1H have been allocated their CCAs through our CCA program already- so they already know their CCAs.
5 Jan 09, 13:41
Mrs Lim: Parent of 1H: May I know why class 1H is not schedule for the CCA trials? which day is the trial for class 1H? I do not see it in the schedule. thanks.
4 Jan 09, 22:27
Eugene (1H): Thx to the junior leader of our class and teacher for a memorable camp.Hope the special ability class will exile in everything.PeepPeep Hurray!
4 Jan 09, 20:19
Clemon Ho-1B: thx to Zen and Yuan Rong for the support and help u gave us
4 Jan 09, 20:07
Christian Chang 1B: thx yr aka yuan rong and zen for all the support and encouragement and trhx to all staffs
4 Jan 09, 20:04
Tinyat 1c: Go go 1c go go fight fight 1c fight fight go go 1c fight fight 1c all the rest can go fly kite fly kite fly kite
4 Jan 09, 19:58
Tan Peng Sheng (1I): I would like to thank everyone who helped out in this wonderful camp!
4 Jan 09, 19:51
tinyat: Thanks Keith
4 Jan 09, 19:30
Abhishek (1F): A BIG thanks to all of the seniors, especially Alex and Jun Yew, Mr Siow, Miss Sheikha & my form teacher, Mr Tan for a memorable camp. We owe it to you all. Had a great time with my 1F classmates too!
4 Jan 09, 18:13
Mohd Syamil (1E): I would lyk to thank all black shirts, red shirts, peer leaders and junior leaders especially Senior Darrius(apologise if wrong spelling)...for taking care of us Sec Ones'...
4 Jan 09, 17:15
Derek Toh (1D): I would like to thank all peer leaders, junior leaders, black shirts, and teachers! Thanks for taking care of us! Especially Senior Tze Yang and Senior Hazzwan, thanks for teaching and caring for us!
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