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Friday, January 2, 2009

Sunset on a lovely day

Dear parents we have concluded our Outdoor Activities for the day.
Check out the fantastic view and sunset!

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Mr Randell Siow said...

2 Jan 09, 18:55
Mr Siow: Hi parents, sorry we can go around exactly class by class for photos because it depends on where we can position ourselves but we will try ok?
2 Jan 09, 18:45
tim: indeed a great way to start a new milestone...a LITTLE about photo..going class by class...well done so far...seeing the update every hour!
2 Jan 09, 18:45
shamima: hi Irshad, did not see u in the photos ---hope u are enjoying too. Can I view pictures of 1B?
2 Jan 09, 18:40
nadal: Make sure you enjoy yourself, Federer ! See you on sunday.
2 Jan 09, 18:36
Carol: It's a great pleasure seeing all of you having fun! Enjoy yourselves ro the fullest! Thanks to the camp organisers & teachers for the great effort in taking care of our boys!
2 Jan 09, 18:35
Valerie: & thank you teachers for making the effort to keep paranoid parents informed through such a medium. thanks loads(:
2 Jan 09, 18:34
Valerie: To Justin of 1A:), I guess you were really freaked out this morning but I truly believe that you would be able to overcome all fears, be it height or water. Remember, just have fun!
2 Jan 09, 18:29
Robert: Daryl (1E) enjoy yourself for the next 2 days
2 Jan 09, 18:29
Huey Bing: Jin How....加油!You can DO IT!!!!
2 Jan 09, 18:22
mahathir: Yeah!! Abrisam. It remind Ayah of d time Ayah did repelling in NS. Awesome! Make friends and enjoy. Many thanks to all Teachers involve. "READY TO STRIKE".
2 Jan 09, 18:22
mahathir: Yeah!! Abrisam. It remind Ayah of d time Ayah did repelling in NS. Awesome! Make friends and enjoy. Many thanks to all Teachers involve. "READY TO STRIKE".
2 Jan 09, 18:20
bryan: Hope all Sec 1 Victorians have fun over there
2 Jan 09, 18:19
mimiff: Nice job with the updates, Mr Siow - you must have worked up quite a sweat running around ! Ejaz, hope to catch you in action !
2 Jan 09, 18:18
george: have fun VICTORIANs..sec 1 boys & thanks for all who give the support n efforts....
2 Jan 09, 18:14
JO: Hi Bert, hope u hv a great time! Enjoy yrself
2 Jan 09, 17:54
hc: Great that the new Victoirans are starting their experience on such a positive note with such fantastic egaging activities. Well done to all! By the way, can I view pictures of 1G?
2 Jan 09, 17:31
Linda: Hi Ronnie 1F and all boys. Cheers!
2 Jan 09, 17:22
Belinda: Keith (KKJJ), didn't see u in the photos.... but guess u are having loads of fun ! ENJOY yourself !
2 Jan 09, 16:43
Alfa: Wayne, I see you with 1F class, good boy have fun there. And many thanks to Teachers
2 Jan 09, 16:34
Jolene: Hi son, Nice to see you having fun with your class. Do enjoys your day n night with your new friends and teachers. Also thks to all
David Koh: Hi Zac. Whose lap are you sitting on? I see you are enjoying yourself. great. see you soon in some of the photos again.
2 Jan 09, 16:10
Sow: Sid rocks! Pleasure watching you rock climbing and abseil
2 Jan 09, 15:31
Huey Ling: Hello JH. Looks like you all are having good fun. See you on SUNDAY!!!
2 Jan 09, 15:16
mimiff: Sec 1 boys of VS - you're doing GREAT ! Sun, sea and sand - what more could you ask for on your first day of school !!
2 Jan 09, 15:11
SGK: Thanks to the teachers & all others who have put in their best to make this camp enjoyable for the boys while providing comfort to the parents. Well Done! We know our boys are in good hands
2 Jan 09, 14:59
Uncle Y: Ejaz where are u?
2 Jan 09, 14:43
Mr Siow: Hi Parents, do press Ctrl +F5 frequently so that you can refresh this page for the latest content
2 Jan 09, 14:42
EK: It is great that VS has done things differently. What better ways than to have the sec 1 boys starting school with an exciting camp. It is the fastest and surest way to bond among themselves .
2 Jan 09, 14:05
Cher: Dear teachers, Many thanks for organising the camp & taking good care of our boys!
2 Jan 09, 14:03
Cher: Dear teachers,
2 Jan 09, 13:19
abha bajaj: heyya paras waddup? hope u are enjoyin uor campstay and making new friends?!! have u filled up uor water bottle? we are missing u loads and hope to see u soon.... enjoy!!
2 Jan 09, 12:09
2 Jan 09, 11:16
Melissa Lim (VS): ROCK ON VS!! Teachers, slap on the sunblock, insect repellent.. & enjoy your mud spa! 3 Cheers!!!
2 Jan 09, 10:37
Payal: Dear Sec 1 Boys...All the best ...Enjoy the camp and have a wonderful time...
2 Jan 09, 10:36
Payal: Dear Teachers Thank you for taking care of our boys - I think this is a wonderful way for them to get to know their schoolmates and the teachers.
2 Jan 09, 09:29
May: Wishing edge2009 camp a roaring success. To all staffs working hard for the camp, we know that our son will be in good hands and are looking forward to his return as a true Victorian. Thks to all
1 Jan 09, 21:11
Yvonne: Thank you for your prompt reply
1 Jan 09, 21:06
Mr Siow: Hi, Yvonne-Any water bottle will do-- the 1.5l is just a guideline. Their big bags will be transported to campsite for them
1 Jan 09, 20:58
Yvonne: Is it compulsory to bring the 1.5 litre of bottled water? It will add unnecessary weight to the already heavy bag he will be carrying and walking to the campsite. Thanks.
1 Jan 09, 19:19
Mr Siow: Each class will go through 1) Confidence Rope Course, 2) Kayaking & 3)Sports Testing/Teambuilding Games
1 Jan 09, 19:18
Mr Siow: [Parent] Different classes will be doing different activities at differnt times on a rotation basis
1 Jan 09, 15:15
Mrs Lim, parent: i think this camp is a wonderful way to initiate our son into VS culture. Many thanks for organizing it and I am sure he will enjoy it!
1 Jan 09, 12:06
Parent: Can we have the brief program for info? Water sports only for 1 day?
31 Dec 08, 21:11
Mr Siow: [Regarding Handphones] Should there be an urgent need, they can request Form Teachers to let them use the phone at the end of the day.
31 Dec 08, 21:06
Mr Siow: [Regarding Handphones] Dear Parents, we will encourage all students to pass their handphones over to their Form Teachers for safe keeping.
31 Dec 08, 21:05
Mr Siow: [Regarding Handphones]
31 Dec 08, 20:55
Parent: I am very happy that the school year starts with a 3 day camp. This will certainly help build up the children's character. I am sure that many parents support the "no contact" rule.
31 Dec 08, 20:16
Mr Siow: Dear parent, please contact me at and provide a contact number and we will get back to you.
31 Dec 08, 18:34
Parent: My son is going to a camp not a prison ! So, he should be allowed to call his parents !
31 Dec 08, 16:40
Mr Siow: [Eugene] Can click on 'Links' below to see our 2008 blog with videos and pictures
31 Dec 08, 16:35
Mr Siow: [Parent] It will not be possible for us to accomodate requests for your sons to call you all twice a day- it would mean that we have 360 pupils making calls twice a day. Rest assured your son is safe
30 Dec 08, 22:34
Parent: Your "Live" video on the screen looks blur and I can't see my son. Can you improve it? Thanks.
30 Dec 08, 22:31
Parent: As this is the first time my son is away from home, I would like to request that my son call me twice a day just to know that he is safe and sound ! Thank you for your understanding.
30 Dec 08, 20:29
Eugene: sorry for not asking about the camp
30 Dec 08, 20:29
Eugene: Erm techer is there any place i can get more video on sec 1 orientation
30 Dec 08, 19:14
parent: what if my son never go?
30 Dec 08, 08:21
Mr Siow: Yes, the camp is compuslory for all 3 days for all Sec 1 Students
29 Dec 08, 23:17
parent: my child has classes on saturday and sunday. is it possible for him to just attend on friday?
29 Dec 08, 23:14
parent: hello. is it compulsory for the child to attend this camp?
24 Dec 08, 13:58
Mr Siow: Hi Parents! Pls drop your comments here!