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Friday, January 2, 2009

My first night away from home....

Well, I'm sure all the husbands and fathers will remember their days camping in school or in NS: building bashas out of groundsheets, hammering tent pegs into the ground.

Nowadays, technology and affluence has allowed us to enjoy material comforts even in the outdoors.

Some of the boys will be sleeping in Loghouses:
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While others have been given modular tents: yup, it's the hi-tech one that doesn't need any hammering of pegs- just plug the frame into the groove and voila, you got instant tent!
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We will rotate the boys tomorrow night so that they get to experience both types of accomodations.

We are going to be breaking for supper soon. After that, we'll get all the boys to bathe and then head straight to bed because they have all got a long day tomorrow :)

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