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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Closing thoughts for the day...

Dear parents, it's 1.00am now.
The Sec 1s have all been sent to bed and are resting soundly after a long day.
Kudos to the Senior Leaders (Sec 4s) and Junior Leaders (Sec 3s) for being good role-models to the new Sec 1 boys

Don't you agree that they deserve a treat?
Yup, so our Camp Commandant, Miss Sheikha has ordered pizza for all the leaders for a job well done!
03012009152 - Share on Ovi
03012009153 - Share on Ovi

As for photos, I have more than 1.5gig worth of them- there is no way for me to upload them all during this time but we will upload them to our schools website photo gallery at a later day once we have settled in back in school.

In less than 12 hours, your sons will be back in school.
Please pick them up OUTSIDE the school compound after 12.00pm

Good night!


Mr Randell Siow said...

4 Jan 09, 02:14
Mr Siow: Victoria School begins with the letter 'V'-towards the end of the 26 alphabets; I am sure the education we offer is no less than any of the other schools any further up the alphabet chain, right?
4 Jan 09, 02:13
Mr Siow: I am sure his is no less engaging, no less exciting, no less meaningful.
4 Jan 09, 02:08
Mr Siow: To the 1I parent who feels that it is the last class and has the perception that his son is unhappy in comparison with those in 1A, spend time this weekend to talk 2 your son about his camp experience
4 Jan 09, 02:03
Mr Siow: 3)I can also assure you that none of the boys will feel lousy because we fail to feature their photos in these blogs-- all Sec 1 students seen and unseen here are too busy enjoying themselves.
4 Jan 09, 01:40
Mr Siow: 2)I can gurantee that none of the boys feel lousy or bad because of which class they have been assigned to because we treat all classes equally
4 Jan 09, 01:40
Mr Siow: 1) 1I is NOT the last class- the students in are not ranked in ability from 1A to 1I according from best to worst
4 Jan 09, 01:39
Mr Siow: Dear [Parent 1I], let me give a gentle correction of your misconception "We shld not let the boys feel that they are bad or lousy, because they are in the last class. "
4 Jan 09, 01:25
happy parents: ultimately...ALL Victorians are professional, gentlemen & sportsman..they will OVERCOME against ALL ODDS to be the best in whatever class...CHEERS....they have learnt from this CAMP..
4 Jan 09, 01:21
happy parents: Parent of 1I...the theory of labelling is powerful...i hope your son does not read this...
4 Jan 09, 01:18
Parent 1I: I understand some schools do not call their classes as 1A, 1B, 1C, ...., 1I, instead they use 1 Kind, 1 Charity, i Intelligent...etc.
4 Jan 09, 01:14
Parent 1I: Thanks happy parent.
4 Jan 09, 01:13
parent of 1G: Maybe can picture or video 1G. 1st day video can only see teacher, video of student were not clear. thanks
4 Jan 09, 00:59
happy parents: PARENT OF 1I. no worries, i hv confidence in victoria...i believe they will not have the system of 1i = LAST class....we have to give them support & i believe the teacher will do like wise!
4 Jan 09, 00:56
happy parents: great effort overall..WELL DONE....! i ENJOY VERY MUCH & engage virtually in the comfort of the home....thx for the update via the BLOG!
4 Jan 09, 00:56
Parent 1I: Two pictures of their form teacher who gave briefing on the first night.
4 Jan 09, 00:51
happy parents: parent of 1I....interesting point...aiyo..u mean the whole of 1I is not even in the pic/video?
4 Jan 09, 00:48
Parent 1I: Parents of 1I still hv not seen their boys in action. We shld not let the boys feel that they are bad or lousy, because they are in the last class. We should let them feel that they are as good as 1A.
4 Jan 09, 00:46
happy parents: no siow....U & your team have put in lots of efforts...Not an easy one...Small suggestion..u/your team can pre-take their pictures on a group basis before leaving for camp site..Overall A*
4 Jan 09, 00:37
Former Guest: Yeah!!
4 Jan 09, 00:37
NavyGuy: All Victorians have Sportsmanship... NEVER GIVE UP!!!

Mr Randell Siow said...

4 Jan 09, 00:37
Mr Siow: Dear parents, we have come to the end of the day 2. Sorry to disappoint some of you if you didn't see your son. Me and the camera crew are not biased, we are mere human beings that can;t be everywhere
4 Jan 09, 00:31
happy parents: hip hip hurrah...TO all..u may hv not won have gained more to be a live as a TRUE Victorian motto...
4 Jan 09, 00:30
Former Guest: Nice Job!
4 Jan 09, 00:30
Cheerful Father: Handsome Victorians So far I saw in the pictures!
4 Jan 09, 00:27
Former Guest: Good nite VS family!
4 Jan 09, 00:27
Deanna: 3 cheers and 3 cheers and 3 cheers for 1F!~!~ for getting the best performance award!~!~ YEAH!!!!!!!!!!
4 Jan 09, 00:26
happy parents: good night ALL....we will render FULL support to our Victorian son(s) to be the best in whatever the DO...
4 Jan 09, 00:23
Sad mummy: Despite not seeing my boy in any pic or video, I know u hv all done a good job. Thank you, teachers, instructors and senior boys! Gdnite.
4 Jan 09, 00:18
Mom of Vincent 1G: Glad you chose VS. I am sure Victoria will mould you into a true man. Love you v much. See you tmr.
4 Jan 09, 00:16
happy parents: a BIG THANK U..VICTORIANS..m all....we are grateful for all the efforts.....
4 Jan 09, 00:02
Another Guest: Sad to leave the camp:(
3 Jan 09, 23:51
Sad mummy: bn checking since morn, refreshing n refreshing, but hv nt bn refreshed by a glimpse of my son. i know he's fine, n ejoying himself, but ...
3 Jan 09, 23:51
Mother of Emmanuel of 1D: Handsome son we saw few photos of yours. You are looking very happy. Didn't you miss me..
3 Jan 09, 23:49
proud father & mummy: son...You have made the RIGHT choice to join Victoria..U will emerge as a better person...
3 Jan 09, 23:46
1I, Daniel's Dad: Looks like you guys are having lots of fun. Enjoy. See you tomorrow.
3 Jan 09, 23:46
claudine: i love u kor kor, why i don't see your face:( love Girl girl - Charissa Quek
3 Jan 09, 23:42
ah kong kong: where is my "guai sun sze"....i hope to see u...!
3 Jan 09, 23:41
claudine: hi Oliver of 1I: mummy don't see your face at all don't be shy, when the camera comes around, show them your handsome face, your mei mei missed you v much...she'd love to see u in action.
3 Jan 09, 23:36
Sad mummy: actually i was hoping to spot him so that i can save the photo or video for posterity, but dun hv. no photo, no video, sigh!
3 Jan 09, 23:28
mother ofChia Hao Yang 1A: This blog is really great. We parents feel as of we are engaged in all the activities. We had a lot of laughter & fun @ home in viewimg all the video clips. Thanks VS for taking all these troubles
3 Jan 09, 23:27
Sad Ah ma2: my Ah soon neh? wo lao hua yen hen nan kan leh...
3 Jan 09, 23:25
Sad Ah ma2: ya lor. they baised or wad. where's all the justice around. Not all classes had a fair share of the footage! i'm utterly disappointed....
3 Jan 09, 23:25
Xian Jun's sister: hi! tmr going to break camp liaoz... jia you jia you kaes
3 Jan 09, 23:22
Mimio: Hi JingYi (1C), we all miss you but we are sure you have great fun! Well done, see you tomorrow.
3 Jan 09, 23:22
Koko: I still hv not seen any pic of u tho I strain my eyes so hard (my eyes popping out already). I think the camera-man is jealous of your gd looks haha!
3 Jan 09, 23:21
Sad mummy: Videos of so many classes, but none of 1I! I guess 1I didn't perform, is it?
3 Jan 09, 23:14
Sigh: Still no sign of u my darling of 1B. I see more of the fire than the students' faces. Anyway, gdnite nene & see u tom. Miss u v much
3 Jan 09, 23:10
Sharil's sister: Hello Sharil, we finally saw a photo of you today! I hope you're having fun at the camp. Thank you teachers!. Seeyou tml, Sharil! Gambatte kudasai!
3 Jan 09, 23:07
sk: HI, Xian Jun of 1G, how r u? make new friend and have great fun, c u soon
3 Jan 09, 23:06
SureshMJ (F/O Prem 1C): Adhu, see you tomorrow boy!
3 Jan 09, 23:06
SureshMJ (F/O Prem 1C): All Sec1s Good Job guys. Congrats to all Real VICTORIANs. Cheers.
3 Jan 09, 23:05
SureshMJ (F/O Prem 1C): Congrats 1A, 1H and 1F ...
3 Jan 09, 22:38
To:Jack of 1F: heyheys gt make new frens mah???????????
3 Jan 09, 22:37
1F VOTER: yays gt best performance done us proud manns
3 Jan 09, 22:31
Sister of Benjamin: Hi bro! How are you doing? I miss you when you dun play maple with me! I am training hard now to level fazter so i chase you up!Fazter come back soon yeah!Good night and Sweet dreams!See you tomorrow!
3 Jan 09, 22:23
Sister of Benjamin: Hi koko, how are you doing?
3 Jan 09, 22:22
Grace: Hi Joel Lee of 1A, enjoy yrself and have good time with yr friends and teachers.
3 Jan 09, 22:21
Ashwin bro of Aravinth 1C: Anna, we saw some of ur photos, appa, amma & me too miss u. enjoy ur camp activities...see u 2ow
3 Jan 09, 22:16
nothing: zz
3 Jan 09, 22:07
Kelvin, Dad of Shawn S1F: Congratulation to 1F for Best Performance! Great Job!
3 Jan 09, 21:50
Ding Lin: hi ding lin and 1A class, glad to know your class won the Split Award. Congratulation to all of you and hope you guys really have fun. Jia you!
3 Jan 09, 21:48
Ding Lin: Hi Ding Lin and 1A Class,
3 Jan 09, 21:47
MamaJo: Brandy, proud of your class preformance, hope you had a good time, take care. BTW, PorPor Ju and Epor Ann miss you!
3 Jan 09, 21:43
Papa: Hi Joel, Amanda, Joseph, Mummy and Papa missed you. Hope you r having great fun!!
3 Jan 09, 21:41
Parent of 1D: Mr Siow, can show class 1D ?
3 Jan 09, 21:33
Youngest bro of Yik Ming: Hello koko,I miss you. l love you,Bye bye.
3 Jan 09, 21:29
Irene Ng: I couldn't see your face Brandon Ho of more videos please..THANKS..
3 Jan 09, 21:27
Kenix Ho: Hi brother (Brandon of 1A) Kor Kor i miss you!!You won the best spirit award, i am absolutely please to hear that..jia you wor..
3 Jan 09, 21:27
GC: gordon (1C) hope you are having a lot of fun there! we all miss you!
3 Jan 09, 21:25
Kenix Ho: Hi brother (Brandon of 1A)
3 Jan 09, 21:21
1D parents: Class 1D keep going, going going,,,,,,,, just enjoy and have fun....
3 Jan 09, 21:11
sunshine: hello(: i went there for camp too(: noisy aeroplanes, your poor boys cant sleep. cos it flies past every few minutes. D
3 Jan 09, 21:09
lawun bro: lol hi all
3 Jan 09, 21:04
Parent (1H): Well done 1H boys, and glad to know you boys are having a fun time. Keep up the sprite
3 Jan 09, 20:49
Clemon (1B)'s sister :): nice performance by 1B!! (the anti bullying) skit. well done Clemon!!! hope to see more pics/videos of you, shortstuff. seeya!
3 Jan 09, 20:47
a person: bored
3 Jan 09, 20:46
Parents of Matthew Wee 1C: Mr Siow, good job on the live footage! We're so grateful that you're doing this for us. At least we get to see what you all are doing! Thanks so much!
3 Jan 09, 20:43
Mr Siow: Dear parents, if the video is not smooth- it could be due to the speed of your home internet connection. As with any Internet streaming content, you sacrifice quality for immediacy.
3 Jan 09, 20:37
Mr Siow: I'm uploading different segments of the campfire so that I don't overload the bandwidth. What you can do is let the clip buffer for awhile and then play
3 Jan 09, 20:37
Parents of Matthew Wee 1C: Well done 1C! You guys did a great job in your performance!
3 Jan 09, 20:37
a person: i am looking for L W
3 Jan 09, 20:36
a person: LW
3 Jan 09, 20:36
Mr Siow: Dear parents, this is 'streaming' video via 3G network- there will be some stuttering depending on your broadband speed and the speed of your internet connection.
3 Jan 09, 20:36
a person: darling where are u now? from 1F i caould not find ur face !!!!:D
3 Jan 09, 20:35
Robert: Daryl (1E), still did not see your face in the posting. But I believe you are enjoying yourself. See you tomorrow. Dad
3 Jan 09, 20:25
Parent: Why it is not a smooth video ?? It keeps showing that it is loading?
3 Jan 09, 20:24
Parents (1B): Click on 'qik' (at the left corner) of the video window to view the other videos
3 Jan 09, 20:24
Parent: Why the video stop??
3 Jan 09, 20:19
vs rox: vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs rox vs
3 Jan 09, 20:18
LOL: 1F camping yeah...
3 Jan 09, 20:17
a person: y did the live footage stopped at 1 part?
3 Jan 09, 20:11
Guest: Lousy..anyway this was my sec2 campsite too. I'm sec4 this year (sister of one boy) and that campsite is very clean!
3 Jan 09, 20:09
Another Guest: Yeah!
3 Jan 09, 20:07
Guest: Why the live video stopped at one part?
3 Jan 09, 20:04
Shirley Poh: Hi Mr Siow, Thanks for your hardwork. Is Jovan from 1I fine? Pls inform Jovan, I will fetch him tomorrow. Can let me know where can I meet him in school.Thanks.
3 Jan 09, 20:01
lynn: congrats!!!! 1H for being the fittest class well done. Yay!!!! VS ROX!
3 Jan 09, 20:01
Adam: Below? LOL!
3 Jan 09, 20:01
Shirley Poh: Hi Mr Siow,
3 Jan 09, 20:00
lee: whr to watch the campfire ??
3 Jan 09, 20:00
Adam: START!!!!
3 Jan 09, 19:59
Adam: 1min
3 Jan 09, 19:58
w.@.m: but my hands are higher !!1 hahahaah
3 Jan 09, 19:58
Adam: 2mins
3 Jan 09, 19:57
Parents of Matthew Wee 1C: \o/ \o/
3 Jan 09, 19:50
Adam: What time they end?
3 Jan 09, 19:49
Jamie: My hands are high in the air haha!!
3 Jan 09, 19:47
w.@.m: myhands are in the air ops..>.<
3 Jan 09, 19:46
Jamie: VS ROX!!!!
3 Jan 09, 19:46
w.@.m: VS rox !!!!!!
3 Jan 09, 19:44
w.@.m: hi
3 Jan 09, 19:44
Mr Siow: Hi Parents, CAMP FIRE will go 'live' in 10 mins! Can I get everybody to raise their hands in the air and shout "VS Rox!"
3 Jan 09, 19:43
Eric: Excited for Campfire:D
3 Jan 09, 18:19
Tan: Hi to parent of ZX, my sentiments! But nvm, we'll see them tmr
3 Jan 09, 18:01
Parent of ZX (1I): ..... having browse through all photos but still can't see my son, sob, sob ...
3 Jan 09, 17:52
Parent of ZX (1I): Enjoy your camp! It's an experience. See you guys tomorrow!
3 Jan 09, 17:43
Sister of boy in 1B: Can we have group pictures of each group? Close up shots so that we can see their faces Thanks!
3 Jan 09, 17:41
Parents (1B): Hey, we finally caught a glimpse of our son Shunsuke of 1B in the clip of Nitro Crossing! Glad to see him well and happy! To Mr. Siow n All Staff, domo arigato! Shunsuke mo gambatte ne!
3 Jan 09, 17:35
LW: Kok Jin Class IE : Thanks Mr Siow. You shown me a good shot of my boy carrying someone's weight. KJ.. You can do it. You are the strong superboy carrying someone Keep up the great teamwork Mum
3 Jan 09, 16:30
Mr Siow: [Parent of 1A] Form Teacher of 1A is Miss Virgil Chew, pls email me at and I will reply with her email address and cc to her as well
3 Jan 09, 16:06
EK: Mr Siow, thanks for your response and feedback. Sending pictures of every activity and if possible more frequent updates will help. Thanks

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