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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Its a NEW DAY.........

GOOOOOD MORNING.............!!!!!!!
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Welcome to Day 2!

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Mr Randell Siow said...

EK: Good Morning everyone! We are all ready for another adventurous day.
3 Jan 09, 04:01
Dad of Kendrick 1G: I am amazed and thankful to the Principal, Teachers,Student leaders and support staff in sparing no effort to keep us posted in this mammoth exercise. Definetly a very driven school .Bravo Victorians
3 Jan 09, 01:01
Ken: Victoria School in Singapore. There are other schools we know. Victoria School is something more. The School that watch us grow... That's why you are there. Glen. Enjoy yrself. Thks teachers & PSL.
3 Jan 09, 00:55
Ng TC: mother of Marcus Ng (1H)...Marcus, take care. we know you are enjoying yourself. Have fun and we look forward to see you on Sunday!
3 Jan 09, 00:31
Mom of Gabriel: Dear Teachers and Helpers, yr effort is much appreciated, saw Gabriel (1A) pic in the tent, gdnite
3 Jan 09, 00:21
Aunt Deanna: Happy 13th Bday!~!~ What a rare chance to spend your birthday in camp! One in a million chance! I'm sure you're gonna have loads of FUN!!!!
3 Jan 09, 00:20
Aunt Deanna: To: Dwayne of 1F:
3 Jan 09, 00:20
Mr Siow: Good night one and all- Blogmaster going to sleep. Will update one and all tomorrow at 7.00am
3 Jan 09, 00:16
Valerie: A day of camp has come to an end and what awaits you tomorrow would be another experience. So, Justin of 1A, your sisters are supporting you all the way!! Loves:)
3 Jan 09, 00:05
Kok Weng Keong (1E): Thanks teachers! =) =) =)
3 Jan 09, 00:03
Ng Pei Xiang (1C): Thanks teachers! =) =) =)
3 Jan 09, 00:02
Parents of Yik Ming (1F): Hi Yik Ming, thou we can't see your face, we believe you are having a fantastic time at the camp Thanks to all for giving the boys this great opportunity to bond with each other and the teachers.
3 Jan 09, 00:00
Parents: Sincere Thanks to all teachers and organisers of camp! For everything!
2 Jan 09, 23:58
Parents: Dear boys
2 Jan 09, 23:53
Choo: Have fun boys of VS. Thanks teachers for organising all the great activities. Benson, your baby sister miss you.
2 Jan 09, 23:50
Shuen's mum: Rui Shuen, be strong, be brave, you will be fine. Just enjoy and have fun!
2 Jan 09, 23:40
Mrs Angela Wong: Thanks teachers for this camp, it sure looks fun and good bonding time for the boys and their teachers. Great Job, boys and teachers ! Enjoy my son Vincent (from 1G).
2 Jan 09, 23:36
1D-Julson's Parent: Julson....we saw u from the moment u left Victoria till 2night session with your form teacher..all thanks to the teacher n person who posted them to this blog...Well done in assuring the parent!!
2 Jan 09, 23:33
andre tng of 1C: Thank God for the great weather ! Looks like you guys are really having a fun time !
2 Jan 09, 23:17
VS PSG: To the Class of 2012, Congratulations to the success of your Day 1 in VS and EDGE 2009.. Keep the Victorian Spirit burning from hereon.. all the best for the next 2 days !
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