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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Return of the Mummy....

Hi remember our one-armed die-hard Victorian hero from yesterday, Matthew?

Well, it's abit hard to kayak and rock climb with your arm in a cast.
But we were really impressed with Matthew's positive spirit and decided to see what we could do to get him more involved in the activities.

So we first got Matthew to get his arm and cast fully wrapped up in plastic so that his cast would not get wet.
03012009290 - Share on Ovi

Matthew then joined me on my kayak as my camera man, while I paddled the 2 of us out to sea.

Our first segment was to capture footage of the boys who were going through the water confidence drill. This drill familiarises boys with the use of their life vests and to be comfortable floating in the sea beyond heading out in the kayaks.
So while Matthew and I stayed nice and dry, we saw the rest soaking in the cool, cool waters of the sea:

Next we head out to where 1D was rafted together to catch footage of them.
As you can see, most of our Sec 1s need to develop better sense of direction-- especially when they start crashing into Mr Siow and his camera man *sigh*

Apart from the good view of the sea, sun and there is something else you can get a good view of at Changi Coast. This is the best place to see planes:

My brave camera man, Matthew and I managed to catch footage of one of the kayak groups successfully rafting up and even STANDING UP on their kayaks!
Well done, boys!

Although the weather looked cloudy, let's hope the sun comes out again. Will update after lunch.

A Big hand to my cameraman, Matthew!

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Mr Randell Siow said...

3 Jan 09, 13:33
Susan: Hi Samuel (1B), Hope tat U njoy urself & find new friends in VS. Hv fun , we miss u..Thnks to Mr Siow, teachers, helpers who committed their times to make tis camp a memoriable one !!!
3 Jan 09, 13:24
Sisters of Tan Peng Sheng: Bro, we miss you a lot. Hope that you enjoy. We believe that you are learning well althogh we still do not see your face on this website.
3 Jan 09, 13:16
Shuen's mum & dad: son, we are confident you will come out stronger and better able to face challenges ahead. Love always, Mum & Dad
3 Jan 09, 13:13
SureshMJ (F/O Prem 1C): Hope you are having lots of fun and learning. Be open to receive and Witness the goodness Boy.
3 Jan 09, 13:12
SureshMJ (F/O Prem 1C): Adithya, we saw you yesterday in the team-building event and in the attendance session...
3 Jan 09, 13:07
DADDY: %ATo aloy : by tmr we will receiving a true Victorian. I am so proud of you . Cheers to all Victorians !
3 Jan 09, 13:04
Clarissa: Hi Kor Kor Bertram (1G), I finally saw u in the morning execise squad in video. Enjoy yr campfire 2nite. Have fun n c u 2morrow! Clare
3 Jan 09, 13:03
DADDY: All of us are looking forward to you tmr as a Victorian a Loy !
3 Jan 09, 13:00
Payal: Hey Bro cool...wish I was there too...Praveen
3 Jan 09, 12:47
Mac: Hi bro! I'm enjoying the full size bed! Hope u hav fun:)
3 Jan 09, 12:46
Audrey Lim: Hi William (1C), i'm gald to see that you r having good time with your new classmates. To all Teachers and student leaders, thank you for the great job. Parent of William Tan.
3 Jan 09, 12:34
Sis of 1F Tan Yi: We miss you alot ! Hope you enjoy yourselves !
3 Jan 09, 12:34
ilyas (bro of mustaqim): Miss you abang. Wish you were home now. Seen you in one of the pictures... smiling. You seem to be enjoying yourself. Ibu and Ayah with me, too, looking out for you in the blog.
3 Jan 09, 12:33
Chia Hao Yang 1A: The house is sure quiet without you. Have fun son!
3 Jan 09, 12:32
ilyas (bro of mustaqim): I miss you Abang. Wish you were home now. Seen you in one of the pictures... smiling.
3 Jan 09, 12:28
W.H.Low: I agree wih Tan, we are also looking out for our son from 1I. Seems that only two pix without video shooting so far.
3 Jan 09, 12:17
PSL Dad: Dear organiser of this camp:-Good Job once again! My son Darius was once a Sec 1. Now he's back as a PSL. Certainly a valuable learning and sharing experience for him. Thanks for the opportunity!
3 Jan 09, 12:17
BRO! of Daryl IF: YO! bro feeling good. Did you have a good sleep?Hope you enjoy your camp.
3 Jan 09, 12:16
Francisca: Hi Nigel (1H), we all saw your photo, ha ha, have fun,c u tomorrow. A big thank you to the Principal , teachers and helpers , greatly appreciated.
3 Jan 09, 12:10
Papa of Hao Zheng: Great to see you on the Tower of the flying fox, enjoy yourself every moment.. Kudos to Randell and the Team, superb !
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